Meet Dr. Maskin

Steven L. Maskin, MD
Steven L. Maskin, MD specializes in solving difficult cornea, ocular surface and dry eye disorders with patients traveling from over 35 states and 5 continents for his evaluation. Dr. Maskin is a leader for managing these disorders using innovative medical therapies and surgical techniques, which have restored eye comfort to his patients. These breakthrough advances include the use of placenta derived amniotic membrane, the discovery of a topical cure for ocular surface cancer, and a new patent pending natural eye lubricant drop to provide relief for dry eye sufferers. Dr. Maskin has also recently pioneered a landmark procedure to unblock obstructed and swollen lid glands which is a major cause of dry eye. Dr. Maskin has furthermore now authored the first consumer book on dry eye for Yale University Press. Entitled, “Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome”; his book has ranked #1 on Amazon for all ophthalmology books.

Steven L. Maskin, M.D. is a graduate of St. Louis University School of Medicine. After completing his ophthalmology residency at the University of Texas in San Antonio, he went on to sub specialize in Dry Eye and Eye Surface Diseases and Cornea at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. His fellowship was for three years focusing on diagnosis and medical and surgical therapy of common and rare diseases of the eye surface and cornea.

Following fellowship, Dr. Maskin opened his practice in Tampa, FL in l99l. His practice is pure, focusing on diseases of the eye surface and cornea including dry eye, pterygium, pterygia, conjunctival tumors, infections, corneal ulcers, cornea swelling, cornea edema and keratoconus. He does not offer refractive surgery, although he frequently sees and successfully manages patients with dry eye after LASIK.

Dr. Maskin has developed an ophthalmic pharmaceutical compounding laboratory to prepare specialty eye drops not generally available commercially. Dr. Maskin holds a license to compound these ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. These compounded eye drops include non-preserved steroids for patients with preservative allergies. Other eye drops include autologous serum drops made from the patients own blood serum to provide nutrients and other factors absent in the especially severe dry eye. Together these therapies, thus far, have enabled hundreds of patients to restore or retain vision and achieve a comfortable eye.

Dr. Maskin has authored the first book focused exclusively on dry eye and written specifically for the consumer. Published by Yale University Press, "Reversing Dry Eye Syndrome: Practical Ways to Improve Your Comfort, Vision and Appearance" can be ordered now from Yale University Press or See an editorial review and book description here.

Dr. Maskin has authored many articles in the peer review literature. Included amongst his contributions is his discovery of a cure for cancer of the eye surface. The importance of this report was recognized by eye doctors around the world and was ultimately translated and published in Spanish and Chinese.

Dr. Maskin is also a leader in development and creation of a method to reconstruct the surface of the eye. He is a pioneer and leader in the use of Amniotic Membrane for surface reconstruction. One example of its usefulness is in the setting of chronically irritated dry eyes from conjunctivochalasis. Read about how a patient was helped with amniotic membrane surface reconstruction from conjunctivochalasis. He is co-author of at least 2 papers specifically focused on its usage. In a prospective controlled study, patients with symptoms of dry eye and irritation with concomitant conjunctival wrinkling or chalasis enjoyed significant relief of symptoms from surface reconstruction using amniotic membrane without need for punctal occlusions. Along with symptom relief patients also had improved vision of one to three lines on the eye chart, increased wetting on their Schirmer's tear test and now require only infrequent tear supplementation. In dramatic cases, patients went from using artificial tears every 30 minutes pre-op to less than 4 times a day post-op. Read about how ocular surface reconstruction using amniotic membrane with ocular surface management restored vision to a blind 50 year old nurse. Dr. Maskin is a founding member of the International Ocular Surface Society.

Dr. Maskin has performed over l500 cornea transplants. His expertise was recognized by one of the largest eye banks in the world as he was invited to and accepted the position of Medical Director of the Central Florida Lion's Eye and Tissue Bank. He was also selected to participate in a NIH study of cornea transplants, and honored with an "Outstanding Recruitment Award". This award was given in recognition of performing more cornea transplants than any other surgeon in Florida.

Dr. Maskin's contribution to understanding cornea and surface diseases as well as his unique ability to diagnose and treat common and rare diseases has led to his selection by his peers as a "Best Doctor in America". He was also selected for "Guide to America's Top Ophthalmologists".

Dr. Maskin's way of caring for his patient was well described by an article appearing in the Tampa Tribune in October l999, regarding his management of an ll year old boy. His caring way and clinical acumen are also reflected by numerous unsolicited testimonials that his office routinely receives.