American Academy of Ophthalmology
Resource information eye care and eye diseases.
National Eye Institute
Part of the federally funded National Institutes of Health, very good resource information.
Eye Emergencies
Information from WebMD.
Eye Conditions (Yahoo)
Large number of links to informational web sites.
Eye Cancer Network
Informaton about cancer of the eye.
The Schepens Eye Research Institute
The Schepens Eye Research Institute at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, is the largest independent eye research institute eye research institute in America. It has contributed greatly to the knowledge of human body in general and to ophthalmology in particular. The website offers fact sheets on various diseases and disorders, including dry eye.
Boston Foundation For Sight
This site provides information on PROSE treatment for dry eye and corneal disease.
Vision Surgery Rehab Network
The Vision Surgery Rehab Network is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating rehab and providing support to patients with LASIK complications, as well as problems after other refractive surgery.